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Physical Education Department

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Welcome to our award winning Physical Education Department:
In 2008, our Physical Education department was awarded the Outstanding State Middle School Program of the Year and the Southern District Program of the Year by the California Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance (CAHPERD). We have a very special program to inspire all students to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Alice C. Stelle is looking forward to an exciting school year filled with our California Physical Education Standards curriculum. Each year the physical education department meets during the summer break to improve our program to meet the changing students' needs, whether they are cognitive, physical, or emotional. We are honored and glad to be a part of this wonderful process, and Alice C. Stelle is a school where the students' needs are our first priority.

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Our Philosophy is to provide a success-oriented, safe and non-threatening environment where every child is challenged to pursue their individual potential.

Our Mission is to create an environment where very child is challenged so that they can fail. Our program provides a framework in which the students can develop physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally. As students leave our program, they will have gained a foundation of knowledge, skills and confidence to create and implement a personalized fitness plan, tryout for a sports team, explore new and exciting ways to stay active, and pursue lifelong health.


In order to have fun and learn we need to be in an environment that allows for all to succeed. This can be accomplished if all students are respectful, responsible, and ready for class every day.

Physical Education clothes should be in good repair and the basic uniform should be worn everyday to class. Uniform tops and bottoms should have the student's name visible. Loaner uniforms are available to borrow when a student forgets their uniform. Uniforms must be washed and brought back the next day. Inexpensive solid gray sweatshirts and sweatpants should be worn during cold weather. Clothes should allow or comfortable, unrestricted movement and be suited for outdoor temperatures. Only soft-soled, laced, tied, and supportive athletic shoes are allowed. Please, no jewelry should be worn during class that is expensive, sentimental, excessive, or unsafe.

To prevent choking and to keep the campus clean, no food, drink, or candy is allowed in class or out in the locker room. Water bottles are permitted and encouraged when students use that privilege responsibly.


Medical/parent excuses:
A letter written by a parent or legal guardian may partially excuse a student from an activity for up to five days. A doctor's note is needed to excuse a student from physical education if the duration is in excess of five days. Students dress in P.E. uniforms during medical/parent excuses when they are physically able to do so. If a prolonged medical excuse is foreseen, arrangements are made to allow the student to remain in class and receive a grade based upon their cognitive understanding of the concepts taught. No student will ever be required to do any activity that would jeopardize their health.


6th Grade Beach Trips- September 6, 8, 9 and 13, October 31, & November 15

Back to School Night- September 22

6th Grade Family Sports Night- October 5th

Jog-A-Thon- March 21st

Student Teachers

Student Teachers
Here at Alice C. Stelle, student teachers are an integral part of our program. We partner with local universities to work with the future professionals. We are proud of each of the students we have had the pleasure to work with and now call them colleagues.

Spring 2011 -- Michael Graham
Fall 2010 -- Lauree Sugar
Spring 2010 --  Everette Brier
Spring 2009 -- Kirstin Kabo
Fall 2008 -- Nicole Chihara (Scott)
Spring 2008 --  Christina Courtland
Fall 2007 -- John Mayer
Fall 2005 -- Chris D'Alonzo
Spring 2005 -- Leslie Pacheco
Spring 2005 -- Joel Boyer
Spring 2005 -- Elizabeth Spagnolia

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