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Mathematics Grading Policy

Grading policy

1. Grades: Each assignment will be given a point value. Each student will receive points for each assignment completed on time and each quiz or test taken. Assignments will be approximately weighted as follows:

Type of task

Percent of grade
Tests 40-50%
Quizzes 20-40%
Homework/Class work    10-25%
Projects 10-20%

For High and accelerated classes:

Type of task Percent of grade
Tests, Quizzes 40-50%
Final Exam 10-20%
Homework/Class work    10-20%
Projects 10-20%


2. Grading Policy:

Percent Letter grade
90-100 %     A
80-89 % B
70-79 % C
60-69 % D
0-59 % F


3. Students are responsible for his or her education, supplies, and being on time to class. Students are expected to show respect to teachers and fellow students at all times.

4. Behavior, effort and attendance will be used to determine a student\'s citizenship grade.

5. Participation will be factored into a student\'s grade when the activity or discussion is standards based.

6. Students should make every attempt possible to get assignments if absent. If absent two or more days, parents can call to pick up assignments to be collected by the counseling office. If absent two or more days, parents can email their teacher or call counseling to pick up assignments.