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Mathematics Textbooks Used

Be Advised

LVUSD schools are piloting new curriculum in 2023-2025 so these books may not represent the material your student is currently using.

Class Title and ISBN  Publisher
6th grade  Glencoe Math, Course 1
volume 1 ISBN: 9780076605538
volume 2 ISBN: 9780076618392
McGraw-Hill Education
6th grade Accelerated Big Ideas, Course 1, Advanced
ISBN-13: 978-1608405268
Big Ideas Learning and Larson Texts
7th grade Glencoe Math, Course 2
volume 1 ISBN: 9780076615292
volume 2 ISBN: 9780076619030
McGraw-Hill Education
7th grade High
Glencoe Math, Course 2, Accelerated
Math Accelerated: Pre-Algebra

ISBN: 978-0-07-663798-0
McGraw-Hill Education
7th grade Accelerated Big Ideas, Course 2, Advanced
ISBN-13: 978-1608405275
Big Ideas Learning and Larson Texts
8th grade Glencoe Math, Course 3
volume 1 ISBN: 9780076615308
volume 2 ISBN: 9780076619047
McGraw-Hill Education

Algebra Algebra 1, California Edition ISBN: 978-0-07-663923-6 McGRaw-Hill
Algebra Honors
Algebra, Structure and Method, Book 1 by Mary Dolciani  
ISBN 0-618-04430-2
McDougall Littel

Big Ideas Math 
McGraw Math
McGraw Login 
NOTE: Each student will be assigned a login for their textbook in fall because of licensing agreements. (This applies to both Big Ideas and McGraw)
Algebra Honors